Cubs Insult Their Best Hot Dog Buying Customers

Carrie Muskat had a brief entry in her blog about some promotions the Cubs have come up with, including some deals for the bleacher bums:

Beginning May 10, all Tuesday home games will feature Bud Light or Budweiser products at specific concessions stands in the bleachers for $3. Starting May 11, fans sitting in the Bud Light Bleachers for Wednesday home games can buy Vienna Beef Hot Dogs for $1. The Bud Light Bleacher Series is exclusive to ticket holders in the Bud Light Bleachers.

It’s hard to say how Al will feel about this.  As a baloney sandwich eater who hates that there is so much drunken debauchery in the stands, he may feel slighted that he won’t benefit from the deals and it will encourage more drinking.

However, maybe he’ll appreciate the opportunity to buy a $1 hotdog so he can take a break from baloney for a game.

Either way, he certainly won’t give a damn that it doesn’t help out the family of four sitting under the upper deck, or the groups of schoolchildren sitting in the upper deck reserved sections.  Let’s face it, those are probably the best hot dog customers in Wrigley.  I bet he thinks it’s a great idea.  Let’s see what happens.


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