Cubs reward graduates with a pre-game parade and a piece of paper

The Cubs have set up a new promotion that doesn’t really promote anything.  The relevant story is here.

Based on this promotion, the recent graduates can participate in a “special pre-game graduation parade (weather permitting) on the warning track to recognize {their} recent accomplishment” and “also receive a certificate commemorating this spectacular event.”  The two games are on June 1 against the Astros and June 13 against the Brewers.  Not really cheap games either as the Astros game is a “silver” date and the Brewers game is a “gold” date.  

Maybe I’m being a bit selfish when thinking about this, but is it too much to ask to maybe get a discount on at least the graduate’s ticket, or maybe have them get a signed baseball by Marlon Byrd or Koyie Hill instead of a stupid piece of paper?  I mean, you don’t even get to shake hands with the players or anything.  

I haven’t finished my graduate thesis yet, but if I were to graduate in time for this event, I don’t think I’d want to do it.