Joe Posnanski on Barry Bonds

One of the best sportswriters, Joe Posnanski, recently got into a debate with Bob Costas about Barry Bonds as one of the best players of all time.  As a Bay Area native I followed the Giants and A’s after the whole steroid-fueled home run chase of 1998 (Sammy Sosa being the definitive reason why I’m a Cubs fan, bad choice, I know) and so I was pretty familiar with what Bonds did.  

I encourage you all to check out the article, where Joe Poz does his regular schtick and pulls out some numbers that show that Bonds really does deserve to be put in the pantheon of baseball awesomeness, steroids or no.  As a newly minted baseball fan since 1998, I pretty much knew that steroids were rampant in baseball, but I didn’t care…it was still tons of fun to watch Bonds beat the hell out of baseballs and put the fear of God into opposing pitchers.