Luke Scott is racist

We already knew Luke Scott was a dumbass and probably already assumed he was racist, but now we have proof of it.

The article stresses Scott’s relationship with his teammates, particularly the Latinos and African Americans. I searched the article for the phrase”I’m not racist. I have a black friend. See?” but I surprisingly could not find them. Felix Pie spoke highly of Scott, pointing out that Scott helped resurrect his career after he was traded from the Cubs. Scott apparently told him “…he was running out of time in his career and that he lacked the qualities of a person with good character.” That comes off as pretty insulting and self righteous, but maybe Pie needed some tough love. Scott’s exact words were a bit harder to excuse:

“I tell him about some of the ways he’s acted: ‘Look, you’re acting like an animal, you’re acting like a savage. So I throw (plantains) in his helmet. Here are my banana chips to remind him that whenever he acts like an animal, ‘Hey, that’s what other people are thinking. They’re just not telling you, but that’s what they’re thinking about. And I’m telling you so that you’re aware of that so you can make a cognitive decision to not behave like that.’ I would want someone to tell me that instead of letting you making a jerk of yourself.”

Ummmm…insert awkward silence here. An animal and a savage; why didn’t he just call him a monkey? Everyone in the Orioles clubhouse defended Scott and said that he ribs people and they rib him right back, and that may be so. But doesn’t it seem odd for a man who has a race-related image problem to say those things to a journalist?

h/t to Mercurial Outfielder