Marlon Byrd on the Holliday slide

Marlon Byrd wrote a brief article today on his blog about Matt Holliday’s slide yesterday. 

You call a play dirty when a guy is going out there trying to hurt somebody and that’s not what he did. If Holliday wants to go in and hurt somebody he will. He’s 6-4, 235, 240 pounds. That’s him playing hard. The way we take it when we see it is we want to defend our players at the time. When you go back and really look at it and how the game is played and how it should be played, there’s nothing wrong with that. If the umpires want to make their call and say he was too far off, so be it. Being dirty or being malicious, it’s not even close.

 I agree with Byrd here. I said at the time that it was probably a higher slide than necessary, but other than that I don’t have an issue with it. He was clearly close enough to the base that you couldn’t call him out of the baseline.