Nick Jonas Takes BP At Wrigley – Why Not Sign Him?

NickJonasshouldbeaCub.Endofstory.According to Phil Rogers (and, I assume, everyone else who was there), Nick Jonas took batting practice with the Cubs prior to today’s makeup game against the Rockies. Phil says there are no plans to give the teeny-bopper heartthrob a shot at the everyday lineup, but I don’t understand why. Here’s the quote from Phil:

Being that Jonas is a right-handed hitter with little power, the Cubs did not make a move to squeeze him into their lineup against the Rockies.

Am I missing something? Have the Cubs stopped employing right-handed hitters with little power? Someone alert every right-handed hitter in the Cubs system. Looks like they’re soon to be out of jobs.

I say sign the kid. Look, there’s a misconception going around that the primary goal of any MLB franchise is to win championships. False. That’s like saying it’s the primary goal of every movie studio and production company to win Academy Awards. The primary goal is to make money. Winning is a nice bonus. If you disagree with that, let me direct you to a site that will explain to you in detail that winning is a tertiary goal at best.

Sign Nick Jonas. Sign Justin Bieber. Sign whoever will help sell tickets and bring in revenue from untapped markets. I don’t think winning is in the cards, right now. The least the Cubs can do is cash in on celebrities willing to put on a jersey.