Obstructed View Introduces Unobstructed Views

This blog has been active for exactly a month now and we’ve gotten hundreds of emails asking for us to provide user profiles. We’ve gotten dozens and dozens of emails asking that we provide a way for our readers to publish content to the blog. We hear about FanPosts and Diaries and we’ve responded. We listened.

Each registered user has a profile page. Your latest comments are included and you can add your twitter feed there as well. You can also write your own blog entry. We’ve set up Unobstructed Views to be something that is often called a community blog. If you talk about how great Obstructed View is, you may even get your article promoted to the front page. We’ll have an RSS feed on the sidebar that links to all new articles on Unobstructed Views. There’s a link the menu to it as well as a link taking you directly to the page where you can manager your blog articles. The Unobstructed Views menu item up top also has links to your profile.

We hope you can take some time to publish your own articles. Doing so is relatively simple. Scroll over Unobstructed Views on the menu, click on New Article Or Manager Your Articles. If you do the latter, click New Blog. It’s rather straightforward. When you are done with your article and want to publish it, change Publish to yes. You’ll need to select one of the two categories. Access should be set to Public. Enter a title for your article and then add your article to the editor. There are some icons to help with formatting.

There are several links below the editor (Image, Page break, More, Jcomments On and Jcomments Off). If you need to upload an image, go ahead. I don’t know why you’d want a page break. More creates a link to Read More. If your article is really long, this can be useful. Ignore the Jcomments buttons. Comments are enabled by default.

When you’re done with your article, change publish to yes and then click Save at the bottom. To view your article on the site, click Unobstructed Views on the menu. Then go to twitter, facebook and other social networking sites you frequent and let everyone know. You should also call your family and friends and have them tell 10 people each.

If there’s something you’d like to discuss, post something on it. If there’s a news item about the Cubs or MLB that we haven’t touched on, write something about it. Doesn’t have to be much. There’s no minimum character nonsense.

There’s also a new login for the site. Gone is the bar at the top of the screen and at the top of the sidebar is a new login module. Same username/password and you can now also login using twitter or facebook if you don’t want to register for the site.