A Look Back: Michael Barrett

This season sucks. I wanted to bring up something (kind of) relevent from year’s past. Different people will have different opinions, but I never fully grasped the impact Michael Barrett had on the Cubs during his tenure. Why Barrett? 1) White Sox-Cubs is tonight, and punching A.J. Pierzynski is something I think we all wish […]

TOOTBLAN and rundown silliness

Had a bit of fun with this rundown of Brett Gardner in the Yankees-Cubs game at Wrigley Field on Saturday.  Officially I think it’s a 1-3-4-3-4-2-6 putout.   Based on a conversation I had elsewhere, I wonder if it’s possible to have a “pi” putout.  Pi from memory is 3.14159265358979 and the digits allow for every […]

Derek Jeter has 3179 hits in his career

A lot of talk is being made about Derek Jeter approaching 3000 hits, but he passed that milestone a year ago. Including the postseason, Jeter has 3179 hits. I’ve never understood why postseason numbers aren’t included in career statistics. I get why they don’t include them in year to year stats, but why ignore stats […]

Whoever Had June 13 on the Kerry Wood DL Pool is a Winner

It turns out Quade’s bullpen was even thinner than people (translation: I) realized when Zambrano was left hung out to dry in Philadelphia the other night.  It seems that Kerry Wood’s blister problems have resurfaced and he has been put on the 15 Day DL. Per Bruce Levine: Wood, who is 1-3 with a 3.25 […]

What the realignment proposal would mean

Dave Allen has a good piece up on Fangraphs looking at the races in the AL and NL since 1995 and how different they’d have been if it was instead two 15-team leagues as suggested recently. I wanted to look at this in a slightly different, but also less thorough way than Allen did. I […]

Robert Whitenack to have surgery on elbow, Trey McNutt pulled after 2 innings

Things couldn’t get much worse for the Cubs as far as injuries go, but it is the Cubs. Robert Whitenack was pulled from his most recent start because of elbow soreness. It didn’t appear to be a big deal at first, but he’s now going to undergo Tommy John surgery. Trey McNutt has battled blisters […]

The emptiest batting averages

Colin Wyers looks at batting average and BP’s True Average to find the players with the emptiest batting averages. Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney at the top 2 and former Cubs Ryan Theriot and Aaron Miles are next. Jeff Baker is 7th and Marlon Byrd is 10th. As Colin notes, you can be a good […]

Cubs Are Pretty Consistent

I happened to realize that the Cubs just finished off their stretch where they played 18 straight games against an opponent projected to finish over .500. The Cubs went 12-15 in the early soft part of their schedule against teams like Houston and the Diamondbacks for a .444 win percentage. Then we figured the bottom […]

Catcher Interference Skill

Mike Fast looks at the catcher inference leaders (batters, catchers, and even pitchers) since 2007 (subscription required). Carl Crawford, who reached base last night via catcher interference on Welington Castillo, leads the way. The top 15 batters in catcher interference have accounted for 60% of all interference calls (including playoffs and spring training) since 2007. […]

Pirates (sorta) winning, attendance goes up

In a Hardball Talk blog today, Drew Silva reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates’ attendance is up relative to last year.  A couple reasons why: 1.  PNC Park is really nice.  As reported below: According to Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, ticket sales this year at the gorgeous PNC Park are already up 2.4 percent […]

Garza ——–> MRI on elbow

The only starting pitcher the Cubs have had this year that’s been any good is now going to miss his scheduled start on Sunday and visit a doctor. He’ll have an MRI and knowing the Cubs luck will probably be out for the next 19 years. BOSTON – Believe it or not, the Cubs’ starting […]

Cubs Baserunning

Baseball Prospectus has their sortable statistics available for 2011 now. The first thing I checked out was the Cubs baserunning numbers since they’ve sucked at baserunning for several years. So far they rank 21st in baseball in EqBRR (Equivalent Baserunning Runs) and are -1.0. They did rank 14th last year, but 28th the year before […]

Soriano’s Contract: Disability Insurance

It makes sense for Major League Baseball teams, when handing out large multiyeared contracts that are “guaranteed,” to have an insurance policy to lessen the loss to the organization should the player suffer a career ending inury or be otherwise physically unable to play for the team.  Given Alfonso Soriano’s contract, I thought I’d be […]

An interview worth reading

Those who like stats are familiar with CHONE, which was the best projection system around. It was created by Sean Smith who is better known as Rally (rallymonkey5). Halos Heaven did an interview with him that I enjoyed reading so I figured I’d link to it here. My favorite is quoted below. What happens when […]

Cubs Minor League Progress

mb21 recently had a blog post about fangraphs Cubs top 10 prospects. As the season has progressed, I’ve become increasingly interested in the farm and less with the ML club. I wanted to give updates and some subjective analysis to those who don’t know much about the farm, but are interested enough to read an […]

Cashner to have another MRI

Andrew Cashner’s extended spring training start was called off today because of tightness in his shoulder. He’ll have another MRI. CINCINNATI- Andrew Cashner’s rehab from a rotator cuff strain hit a setback when he experienced shoulder tightness while warming up before a throwing session Monday in Mesa, Ariz. Cashner will get an MRI on the right […]

To slot or not to slot

I read an interesting article today from Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports re: the bonus slotting issue that is being debated for the next CBA.   Here’s what seems to be the most important point of argument: Somewhere in the middle sit the players, the MLBPA’s truest voices and, in all likelihood, the ultimate arbiters […]