African-Americans in baseball

This Texas newspaper story has been circulating around the blogosphere for a while so I thought it deserved a bit of attention.   I think most everyone is aware that the number of star-quality or even major league-caliber African-American players in MLB has dwindled in recent years.  The article does mention how the population of […]

Can Rosenbloom out-stupid Rosenbloom?

Steve Rosenbloom’s streak of semi-reasonable articles came to a screeching halt yesterday (we’re all regression fans here, so we saw this coming) with his “thrashing” of the Cubs’ Carlos Zambrano and his decision to go adopt a child during the All-Star break.  Cue Rosenbloom: Latest cases in point began when Zambrano went on the disabled […]

Cubs Sign International Free Agents Mark Malave and Ricardo Marcano

Terms aren’t yet available, but the Cubs have signed two more international free agents. Scouting reports for the players are below. Malave is the 8th ranked international free agent, one spot ahead of Enrique Acosta who the Cubs gave big bucks to. Malave’s arm might be his best tool. He has a short arm stroke […]

Tom Ricketts and Player Acquisition

Tom Ricketts has been vocal since buying the Cubs about the need to strengthen the minor league system.  It’s getting harder to doubt his sincerity given the construction of a new facility in the Dominican Republic, the increased number of overslot draftees in 2011, and the newly competitive nature of the organization in plucking sixteen […]

Cubs sign Enrique Acosta for $1.1 million

It’s always nice to see the Cubs make a splash in the Dominican or Venezuela. They signed Enrique Acosta for $1.1 million. The full scouting report is here (subscribers only). He’s ranked 9th. Acosta, who is represented by Rob Plummer, has one of the best bats in the Dominican Republic. Acosta, 16, has a short […]

A look back at “Major League”

Sports Illustrated has a lengthy interview with the minds behind “Major League,” one of the greatest sports comedies of all time in my humble opinion.  It’s probably worth a half hour of your time to skim through it.  Hopefully Bob Uecker is still kicking around when they finally decide to make a good sequel; Major […]

Mike Quade is an all-star

It’s true. Since Jim Riggleman called it quits, Mike Quade has replaced Riggleman as a coach for the NL All-Stars. The only question at this point is, what Cubs player is going to be forced into the All-Star game because of a silly rule? My money is on Sean Marshall.

Nick Jonas Takes BP At Wrigley – Why Not Sign Him?

According to Phil Rogers (and, I assume, everyone else who was there), Nick Jonas took batting practice with the Cubs prior to today’s makeup game against the Rockies. Phil says there are no plans to give the teeny-bopper heartthrob a shot at the everyday lineup, but I don’t understand why. Here’s the quote from Phil: […]

Joe Posnanski’s SI story on Jose Bautista

Joe Posnanski is, of course, a very good sportswriter, and his story for Sports Illustrated this coming issue is on Jose Bautista and whether you can believe that his feats can simply happen rather than be the result of some bionic enhancement.  I’d recommend reading if it you have about 20 minutes to kill.

A Look Back: Michael Barrett

This season sucks. I wanted to bring up something (kind of) relevent from year’s past. Different people will have different opinions, but I never fully grasped the impact Michael Barrett had on the Cubs during his tenure. Why Barrett? 1) White Sox-Cubs is tonight, and punching A.J. Pierzynski is something I think we all wish […]

TOOTBLAN and rundown silliness

Had a bit of fun with this rundown of Brett Gardner in the Yankees-Cubs game at Wrigley Field on Saturday.  Officially I think it’s a 1-3-4-3-4-2-6 putout.   Based on a conversation I had elsewhere, I wonder if it’s possible to have a “pi” putout.  Pi from memory is 3.14159265358979 and the digits allow for every […]

Derek Jeter has 3179 hits in his career

A lot of talk is being made about Derek Jeter approaching 3000 hits, but he passed that milestone a year ago. Including the postseason, Jeter has 3179 hits. I’ve never understood why postseason numbers aren’t included in career statistics. I get why they don’t include them in year to year stats, but why ignore stats […]

Whoever Had June 13 on the Kerry Wood DL Pool is a Winner

It turns out Quade’s bullpen was even thinner than people (translation: I) realized when Zambrano was left hung out to dry in Philadelphia the other night.  It seems that Kerry Wood’s blister problems have resurfaced and he has been put on the 15 Day DL. Per Bruce Levine: Wood, who is 1-3 with a 3.25 […]