You Are Not The Sun

Al has done it again. As most of you have seen by now, Yellon Fever has posted an open letter to Cubs fans. It's bad, it's sad, and it's more than a little embarassing. "There's going to be an apology coming up, but first I want to tell you a couple of stories. Please note! This post […]

Interview with Tom Tango (aka tangotiger)

As most of you probably know, Tom Tango now exclusively consults with the Cubs. This is incredible news: Tom Tango, also knows as tangotiger, is one of the greatest baseball minds in the game today. Many of the foundational statistics that we have today come from The Book, the spiritual successor to The Hidden Game […]

Will The Cubs Resemble Hoyer’s Padres?

Those of us who follow the Cubs a little too closely know by and large what to expect from the 2012 version: mediocrity will hold sway. Bountiful and unabated mediocrity. The question that has kept us on the edge of our seats over the past roughly five months is: “how will the new front office […]

Worst Moves of the Epstein Era

Since opening day is here (well, not here, but somewhere), it seems like an appropriate time to catalog the numerous failures of the Cubs under The Epstein Regime. Sure, no actual games have been played, but it’s never too early to make like mb and don your three wolves tee and start excoriating optimistic chumps. […]

Discredited Fantasy Baseball II: Attack of the Chones

I've reopened our ESPN fantasy baseball league for another season. The draft is tentatively set for Tuesday, March 20 at 8:00 CST. It is a 12 team, 5×5 Roto league (NOT head to head, you accumulate statistics in 10 categories over an entire season). The categories for hitters are R, RBI, SLG, OBP, and net […]

Fun with Photoshop

Actually it's fun with GIMP as I didn't buy Photoshop, but I thought I'd share this in an unOV so I don't derail your regular conversations about politics and Game of Thrones.  Enjoy! Indy Theo Parody

Luke Scott is racist

We already knew Luke Scott was a dumbass and probably already assumed he was racist, but now we have proof of it. The article stresses Scott’s relationship with his teammates, particularly the Latinos and African Americans. I searched the article for the phrase”I’m not racist. I have a black friend. See?” but I surprisingly could […]

A contest for folks who like scrap and heart

Hey guys, thought I'd share this in an un-OV blog so it doesn't intrude with the normal discussions about fatty acid polymerization or Breaking Bad stuff.  We're having a contest to give away swag and all are welcome to enter, just leave a comment in the blog article linked below and you're automatically in.  Thanks […]

Obstructed View on WordPress Wish List

I know several people have already mentioned things they’d like added to the site. We’ll try to add some of those features. Some of them we may not be able to add. Some of them we may not like and not want to implement. Others may be too resource intensive. We’d like to know what […]

Joe Paterno speaks

Paterno contends that ignorance was the context with which he heard McQueary’s disturbing story in 2002. McQueary, sitting at Paterno’s kitchen table, told him that he had been at the football building late the evening before when he heard noises coming from the shower. “He was very upset and I said why, and he was […]

Cubs Con 2012

I figured I would set this up as a thread to document my experiences at Cubs Convention 2012.  Had to deal with tons of loud obnoxious Cubs fans and huge crowds for a few moments of “oooh, look at that guy” but I did get to meet and talk to Pat Hughes and that was […]

Projected Hall of Fame Results

Chris Jaffe has a fantastic method he uses to project the Hall of Fame Results. Check them out. It’s good news for Barry Larkin.

THT looks at the Jed Hoyer era in San Diego

The Hardball Times takes a look at the short two year tenure that Jed Hoyer had as GM in San Diego. I’ll quote a bit of the summary here. Hoyer’s lasting impact on the Padres organization will be the infusion of talent at the minor league level. Along with the trades that sent prospects to […]

Cubs sign Jason Jaramillo and Andy Sonnanstine

The Cubs have signed Jason Jaramillo and Andy Sonnanstine. Jaramillo, a 29 year old back-up catcher, has a little MLB experience and will fight it out to be Geovany Soto‘s back-up next year. Source: MLBTR. The Cubs have also signed Andy Sonnanstine. Jaramillo’s contract is a minor league one and I’m assuming the same is […]

Dempster exercises option to stay with Cubs

Not too surprisingly, Ryan Dempster has elected to stay with the Cubs. He’ll earn $14 million next year in what should be a bounce back season. Many of his stats this year were in line with what he’d done in the past. He’s older so he’sn ot getting any better, but there’s still a very […]

World Series: 1975 Game 6 vs 2011 Game 6

Chris Jaffe came up with a scoring system to evaluate how exciting World Series games are. It’s extensive, but simple and very easy to understand. You can read about it here. Yesterday he compared Thursday night’s Game 6 to 1975 Game 6 (Fisk home run) and Thursday’s game came out on top. He also compared […]

Phil Rogers has been drinking again

This is just a bizarre column. Ricketts’ hiring of Epstein directly affects three other franchises, and that doesn’t count the White Sox or anyone else who lost Gonzalez to the Red Sox in the trade last December. What the hell? Should we include all the teams that bid on Carl Crawford last year, but didn’t […]